Attendance to Newborn at Delivery

Dr Lutchman is available to be present during and after the birth of your baby to do a comprehensive check of your baby’s health. The assessment of your newborn at delivery (natural or caesarean) will be a comprehensive physical exam and includes checking of all the vital signs such as temperature, heart rate, breathing rate and skin colour, as well as the Apgar scoring and birth parameters (weight, length and head circumference). While some babies enter the world with ease, others might find the transition a bit more difficult and may need a little more help. The role of the first assessment at delivery is to ensure that your baby is healthy after birth and provide emergency resuscitation if necessary.

All caesarean section deliveries require a paediatrician to be present at birth, and you are welcome to request him to attend to your baby at the delivery. Be sure to discuss this with your gynaecologist and the maternity staff on arrival at the hospital. For those who deliver naturally, Dr Lutchman will assess your baby shortly after delivery and ensure the wellbeing of your newborn for the duration of your baby’s hospital stay. Following the discharge from the hospital, you will receive a follow up plan for your baby, to make sure your child is healthy, feeding well and achieving appropriate milestones in the first year of life.

As your child’s paediatrician, Dr Lutchman is there to help you and your baby, adjust to life after birth. You are also welcome to pop in for an antenatal visit prior to delivery to discuss all your questions and queries for feeding and care of the newborn.