Minoka Radhakrishnan

Highly knowledgeable, dedicated and kind are qualities Dr Lutchman has in abundance! He is ever so patient and has the ability to keep me and baby at ease. I have relocated abroad and did not expect Dr Lutchman to assist me with questions about my daughters health, yet he continues to be supportive and reassuring. He is truly one of a kind and I cannot recommend him enough!

Mogamad Zayd Martin

Professional, friendly, informative, great service. I would definitely recommend him to others, especially first time parents.

Larissa Brijlal

I would highly recommend Dr.Lutchman as he sees to the Family and not just his patient!

Dr.Lutchman is friendly, kind and compassionate towards his patients and is very professional. Who put me at ease. I am a first time mother, he supported and encouraged me as a mother, a role i was just trying to figure out. I had issues producing milk and that affected me emotionally. Dr.Lutchman explained that we have tried all options available to us and that my child had received a fair amount of breast milk and that i should not "stress", we are doing the best that we can do. His reassuring words made me feel equipped to carry on and not feel as thou i failed my child. Sometimes being a doctor is more than just seeing to the physical wounds, which Dr.Lucthman has mastered!

He is very gentle with my daughter and has a way with infants ( i can only speak for infants). Being a Paediatician is not an easy task, as the doctor has to see to child and also communicate with nervous anxious parents (which i was). But Dr.Lucthman was ever ready to answer all my questions and offer comfort and support. His warm and inviting demeanor always made me feel comfortable and explains in a way you understand what's wrong with your little one.

I would trust him with my child's life and i suppose implicitly that is what you are doing when you take your child to a doctor.

Shehnaz Cassim

Dr.Lutchman comes highly recommended. He is very gentle with his patients, and is spot on with his diagnosis. Not only is he thorough, but he is incredibly patient, and knowledgeable answering numerous questions that parents often have. In short he is a wonderful paediatrician.

Candice Quickfall

He is the best..i thank the LORD for Dr.Lutchman...

Edwina January

Thank you so much Dr.Lutchman im so glad I found a good caring paediatrician for my son Kyle God bless and thanks for the great service and all the love and care

Anita Guriah Fabe

I took my boys for a routine check up today and I am telling everyone I know about Dr. Lutchman. Awesome how he spoke to my children and how he handled them. Definitely going back. Very thorough in his examination and very attentive. I just love it. #impressiveconsultation#

Gadijah Dolan

I met Dr. Lutchman on 7 May 2014 when my first daughter was born and I have walked a road with him ever since. My 2nd daughter graced the earth on 9 Jan 2017, in the same year both my girls became very ill for an extended period and Dr. Lutchman was an absolute super star in taking care of them. I could message, email and call him even after they were discharged to get advice from him and I am still able to do so now. Dr. Lutchman is a true super hero and evidence that real heroes don't wear capes! Carmen is also an absolute delight when we visit the practice and just overall engagement with her makes it awesome to visit for my girls routine check ups! Keep doing the excellent work that you do!