Well Baby Follow ups

Growth & Development

Following birth, the first routine weight check will occur at 1 week after mom and baby are discharged from the hospital. Thereafter growth and development assessments are at 6 weeks, 5 months, 9 months (optional), 12 months, 18months and yearly thereafter. During a general health check, Dr Lutchman will do a comprehensive assessment of your child, evaluate your child’s growth and development, and focus on parental education.

To ensure that your baby is growing adequately, the child’s parameters are plotted on growth charts according to growth standards for your child’s age. By monitoring and tracking these parameters, Dr Lutchman can detect growth problems early, allowing parents to address the issue as soon as possible to allow for the best outcome of the child. The common concern in infancy is poor weight gain and failure to thrive. For this reason, problems regarding feeding issues, bowel movements, sleep patterns and skin problems are addressed at every visit and the best advice is provided with evidence-based medicine in mind.

Aside from growth, development milestones are evaluated during these visits.
It is important to ensure that a child achieves their milestones (motor, sensory, vison, hearing, language) within a specific timeframe. Early detection of problems with early intervention allows for the best outcome.

During each of these well-baby follow-up consultations, Dr Lutchman also focuses on other related issues including immunization advice, diet, sleep, behaviour, habits, environmental factors and discipline.